15 Dec. 2021

LiverSeminars Young Investigators Edition

  • Wednesday, 15th
  • 16h / IiSGM
  • MAD


One of the most exciting aspects that has accompanied the development of Hepatology is the strong relationship that exists between the patients’ clinical problems and the knowledge of basic mechanisms that lies behind liver diseases. Therefore, the interaction between basic researchers and clinicians is critical to provide a more effective approach in the management of liver disease, which nowadays represents one of the most challenging medical problems. The LiverSeminars program is designed as a new educational initiative aimed at enhancing the translational research in the field of Hepatology in our country. For that, the LiverSeminars program will bring the most prestigious scientists in the field of Hepatology to interact with the research community of our territory. To this end, and thanks to the support from Gilead Sciences, CIBEREHD and AEEH, the Institutes of Biomedical Research IDIBAPS (Barcelona) and IiSGM (Madrid) join forces organizing this educational activity that takes place monthly in Barcelona and Madrid.

Since its inauguration, in September 2017, we hosted 19 eminent scientists that met with a variety of teams from different Spanish institutions, gave excellent seminars that are now available in this website, and importantly started new collaborations with local teams.

For the third edition of the program, which will start on December 2019, the LiverSeminars will be held in the auditoriums of IDIBAPS and IiSGM, with live broadcast to the Institution that does not host the expert that specific month. However, contact with the expert will not be limited just to the seminar: the program also seeks to create new scientific synergies; thus, each speaker will spend the whole day at the hosting Institution where he/she will have the opportunity to meet with local research teams. It is important to note that the program is completely open to researchers from any Spanish institute. Research groups (regardless of the center of origin) interested in meeting with the invited expert can request a slot time through our website. The auditoriums where the seminars will take place will be open to the entire research community of its geographical influence area. Finally, the recordings of the LiverSeminars will be available in this website, with open access to the entire Society.

We encourage you to discover in detail this new program by surfing on the website.

Kind regards, Jordi Gracia and Rafael Bañares, co-founders and scientific co-directors of the LiverSeminars Program In addition, and to reinforce the Q&A time after the seminar, the mentors of both junior researchers will be invited to participate and promote an enriching discussion.




Find below the video recording as soon as it is available.


The LiverSeminars Program is distributed along the 2019/2020 academic year. Find herein the upcoming seminars.


The LiverSeminars Program is possible thanks to the support from these private and public entities.