17 Mar. 2021

LiverSeminars Young Investigators Edition

  • Wednesday, 17th

Starting in January 2021 a variant to the LiverSeminars program is introduced:

the LiverSeminars Young Investigator Edition!

In this version, which will follow the general philosophy of the Program, both the guest speaker and the Spanish host will be junior researchers with brilliant careers in the field of translational Hepatology, thus giving visibility to the new generation of liver researchers. On the day of the LiverSeminar, private meetings will be scheduled to allow discussion of projects between local teams and the invited speaker, and in the afternoon the LiverSeminar will be held, which will be broadcast live and freely accessible.

In addition, and to reinforce the Q&A time after the seminar, the mentors of both junior researchers will be invited to participate and promote an enriching discussion.

We encourage everyone to participate!  



Find below the video recording as soon as it is available.


The LiverSeminars Program is distributed along the 2019/2020 academic year. Find herein the upcoming seminars.


The LiverSeminars Program is possible thanks to the support from these private and public entities.