Hosted by Javier Ampuero 
With the participation of Vlad Ratziu & Manuel Romero during the Q&A 

Dr Jérémie Gautheron is a full researcher at the Sorbonne University and INSERM at Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris, France. His group aims at characterizing of the initiation, regulation and molecular function of regulated cell death in obesity and related disorders such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and type-2 diabetes (T2D). Recently, we have published an important study showing that the use of RIPA-56, a highly specific inhibitor of RIPK1, represents a promising target for the treatment of NASH. We now want to bring RIPK1 inhibitor into the clinic.

He graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie in 2008, and received his PhD in Cellular & Molecular Biology, Genetics from the University Paris Descartes in 2011. He studied ubiquitination process in NF-kB signaling pathways and their dysfunction in pathology. This was followed by postdoctoral work at the University of Aachen in Germany. During that time, he worked intensively on the TNF signaling pathways in studying the role of NF-kB and programmed cell death pathways in liver diseases.