Protective hepatic mechanisms of Energy Restriction (ER) and potential ER-drivers: a two-way story

Hosted by Manuel D Gahete

M.Sc. Veterinary Medicine specialized in the fields of Metabolism, Obesity, and Aging. Dr Díaz-Ruiz has a tenure track position granted by the His research focuses on the characterization of the molecular mechanisms mediated by energy restriction and their impact in longevity and aged-associated diseases including cancer and MAFLD. His academic and research education was carried out in Spain [PhD in Sciences in 2011 (University of Cordoba) followed by a two-years research associated period at IMIBIC (] and in United States [two research-training fellowships at the Center for Basic Neuroscience (University of Dallas) and the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology (Stanford University School of Medicine) and a 5-years post-doctoral research fellowship at the National Institute on Aging (NIA, USA,]. By now, he has co-authored 42 articles in the highest journals of these fields including Cell Stem Cell (IF 22.36, D1), Cell Metabolism (IF 20,56), Nature Comm. (IF 12.12, D1) or Aging Cell (IF 7.6, D1) and has been actively involved in teaching and research-mentoring activities at multiple Public/Private Research Centers and Universities.