Bart Staels, PhD (University of Lille)
Bart Staels, PhD (University of Lille)
Full Professor, UFR3S Faculty University of Lille, Lille, France

March 2024

Bart Staels, PhD

  16 h
  Seminar (online)

Pathophysiological mechanisms and regulation of Metabolic dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease

Hosted by  Rubén Nogueiras, PhD (CIMUS & CIBEROBN)

Bart Staels, PhD., Full Professor, University of Lille, is director of the Inserm Unit UMR 1011, Lille, France with laboratories at the Pasteur Institute and University Hospital campuses.
B. Staels’ transdisciplinary research covers the fields of obesity, diabetes, hepatic and cardiovascular diseases focussing on molecular pharmacology of these cardio-metabolic diseases. He particularly studies the role of nuclear receptors (such as the PPARs, FXR, Rev-erbα and RORα) in the control of inflammation and lipid and glucose homeostasis as well as the transcriptional mechanisms involved.
To date, Bart Staels has published >900 papers (including 220 review articles), abstracts and book chapters.