Luke Boulter, PhD
Luke Boulter, PhD
Cancer Research UK Fellow and Reader at MRC Human Genetics Unit at the University of Edinburgh

March 22nd 2023

Luke Boulter, PhD

  16 h

Building a bile duct: using developmental biology to understand adult biliary disease and cancer./strong>

Hosted by Elisa Lozano Esteban 


Following an undergraduate degree in cell biology at the University of York, Luke undertook his PhD in Edinburgh with Stuart Forbes where he began to define the molecular signals that direct fate choice in adult liver progenitor cells and understand the molecular events that give rise to cholangiocarcinoma. Luke moved to the MRC Human Genetics Unit in 2014 to establish his own group which works on understanding the molecular interface between health, disease and cancer. The current focus of the Tissue Growth and Cancer Lab is to understand how the signals that govern normal liver development in the embryo are used reiteratively during regeneration and cancer to support tissue repair and carcinogenesis with the ultimate aim of modulating these signals to limit disease progression.